How to Make Studying STICK!

Ever study something and 2 minutes later you can’t remember what you read?

I've been there!

Here are some tips to make what you studied actually STICK:

Repetition, Recode, and Read out loud!


It’s very likely you will need to hear things more than once for your brain to recall the information. Study a topic a little every single day!

One of the most powerful tools you can do as a nursing student is to test your knowledge. Repetition is a powerful study tool. That’s why I made these templates. Whether it’s testing your knowledge on a disease or medication, stepping away from your textbook is a must. 

I remember thinking “how do they expect us to know all this?” You can’t expect to read your textbook and know the information, you must write it down, say it out loud, and do that 20 times. 

The Complete Laminated Study Templates


Basically, you are going to take your confusing, long textbook and put it into your own words.

It’s much easier to remember something YOU wrote rather than a long-length paragraph in your textbook.

Read out loud

Do you really know the content? 

Don’t sit around listening to your friends or teachers talk through the material; actively engage with it. When you can teach the content without hesitation, you really know the content. It’s a perfect test of how prepared you actually are for the next exam.



Good luck future nurses - YOU GOT THIS!