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      Pharmacology Pocket Guide

      Take 80+ of the most common Suffixes, Prefixes, & Antidotes on the go! Perfect for clinicals & pharmacology class.
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      What's included
      Memory tricks & mnemonics
      No fluff
      Comparison charts
      Drug Names
      Saved by the Suffixes
      FDA Pregnancy Categories
      Drug Schedules
      Common Prefixes
      Common Suffixes
      Common Antidotes + examples of each

      Laminated Study Templates

      Test your knowledge & practice repetition while studying with 33 dry erase laminated templates, worksheets & quizzes.
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      What's included
      Memory tricks & mnemonics
      Dry erase pages
      Med Surg Template
      Pharmacology Template
      Head-To-Toe Assessment Template
      Pharmacology Suffixes & Prefixes Quiz
      Pharmacology Antidotes & Therapeutic Levels Quiz
      IV Fluids: Basics Worksheet
      IV Fluids: (Hypertonic, Hypotonic, Isotonic) Worksheet
      Lab Values Quiz
      Dosage Calculation: Abbreviations Quiz
      Dosage Calculation: Conversions Worksheet
      Dosage Calculation: Formula Method Template
      Dosage Calculation: Dimensional Analysis Template
      ABGs: Basics Worksheet
      ABGs: Tic Tac Toe Method Template
      ABGs: ROME Method Template
      ABGs: Respiratory Acidosis vs. Respiratory Alkalosis
      ABGs: Metabolic Acidosis vs. Metabolic Alkalosis
      Blood Flow Through The Heart Quiz
      6 Steps to Interpreting EKGs Worksheet
      Rapid EKG Quiz
      Peripheral Vascular Disease Worksheet
      Cranial Nerve Quiz (Mnemonics)
      Cranial Nerve Worksheet
      Insulin Worksheet
      Diabetes Worksheet
      Types of Shock Worksheet
      Potassium Imbalance Worksheet
      Calcium Imbalance Worksheet
      Magnesium Imbalance Worksheet
      Sodium Imbalance Worksheet
      Concept Map Templates
      Brain Dump: Blank page

      The Complete Nursing School Planner

      A 12-month undated planner for nursing students! Full of weekly tips, memory tricks, & quick guides.
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      What's included
      12 month undated calendar
      Quick tips & guides
      Assignment & test tracker
      Yearly overview
      Important dates
      Quote of the month
      12 monthly calendar spreads
      Weekly calendar spreads
      Assignment/test tracker
      Lab, simulation, & clinical schedule
      Weekly nursing tips and memory tricks
      Quick guides to reference need to know nursing school information (Lab values, electrolytes, Pharmacology, Vital signs, etc.)