My Etsy Favorites

I’m a big fan of Etsy, so I thought I would share my personal Etsy favorites with you all.

There is some really cheesy nursing apparel out there but these sweatshirts and shirts are adorable and not cheesy at all.

I also LOVE the badge clips from ‘Clipsbyjustpeachy”. Along with the personalized bags, stethoscope ID tags, and watch bands, Etsy has something for every stage of your nursing career!

Personalized Calendar

from: circleandsquaredecor

Personalized Calendar from Etsy

"Nurse" Sweatshirt

from: ZODesignUS

Nurse Sweatshirt from Etsy

"Future Nurse" T-Shirt

from: MillieBearClothing

Future Nurse T-shirt from Etsy


RN Badge Reel Clip

from: ClipsbyJustPeachy


ClipsByJustPeachy Etsy Shop 1